Smarter Auto Financing

You could be in the car of your dreams faster than you ever thought possible. We bring together car loan lenders and vehicle buyers in real-time via our Secure Car Loan Application. Apply with us and we match you with lenders who suit your unique needs. Take the hassle out of auto loans! Apply Today!

The Auto Loan Network is your online hub for smarter auto financing.

Who are we?  TALN is a network of web properties that utilize advanced technology to revolutionize the loan/borrower relationship.  When you submit your application via our quick and secure online form, our system takes into account myriad factors such as your credit standing, income, and down payment to match you to the optimal buyer in our network.

That network of lenders — banks, dealers, and finance companies — stretches to all 50 states, as well as Canada.  There are lending specialists for nearly any scenario.  Issues like bad credit, no credit, and bankruptcy are particularly well-served in this model, as your chances to strike upon just the right lender without the targeting magic of the internet would be slim.  With The Auto Loan Network, you can speak to a lending professional well-versed in your particular situation.

So why not get started today?  Apply online!

Auto Loan vs Lease?

Only about 20% of consumers opt to lease their vehicle.  A decade ago, that percentage was much higher, over 30%, but the post-millennium surge of dealer offers like 0% financing and cash-back incentives made buying more enticing.  Before we get into why an auto loan is better than a lease, let’s review the advantages of [...]

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Auto Loan Network Scam — Not us!

Some months ago, we started getting emails from consumers who had been contacted by phone from a telemarketing company calling themselves “auto loans network.”
Our website and service is in no way associated with that telemarketing campaign. The similarity in names is simply an unfortunate coincidence.
When you fill out an application on our site, you should [...]

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Credit Acceptance and Auto Loans

So you need a new car, or at least you want one pretty badly.  But you’ve been rejected for a line of credit before, or you’re afraid of being rejected.  First off, don’t get down about it.  Studies show that nearly 23% of Americans have bad credit (a credit score of about 620 or below), [...]

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The Truth Behind Online Auto Loans

According to Google Insights, the number of searches for “online auto loan” has climbed 130% in the last year.  Here’s why:  the economic downturn, so hard-hitting to the automotive industry, has put dealers under greater financial stress.  Not only are consumers buying fewer cars, it’s harder for them to get their credit approved.  For most, [...]

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